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The purpose of this blog is to introduce and explain photographic  terms and ideas for the benefit of not only those new to photography but to those experienced photographers. First we will start with our 5 tips to hiring a good wedding photographer.

Tip #1:  Ask to see a whole wedding.

Commonly a photographer will show just the best examples of various weddings that they have shot. This is to be expected, after all most couples dont want to see one singular wedding. That being said, to avoid being taken by someone who perhaps doesnt know what they are doing, it is a good idea to ask to see one whole wedding. This should not upset your photographer and shows you that they can or can’t shoot a whole wedding well. As opposed to the method of taking 1000 photos in the hopes that 100 turn out well. That method is what is called spray and pray, it is Very unreliable and is a hallmark of untrained photographers. Most good wedding photographers will get about a 70% or more rate of keepable photos.

Tip#2. Take the help where you can get it.

If your vendors have been around for a while, they are used to how the whole wedding process works. Take advantage of their experience by asking procedural questions about their services. For example timelines and what they can do to bend to the schedule you have. They can also help with ideas on how to make your day work better. So ask questions always.